How to code HTML tags that are effective for SEO

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How to code HTML tags  How to write articles that are SEO friendly? Explaining the 6 points ” Explaining important indicators, procedures, and points for measuring SEO effectiveness ” All of these are SEO-theme content, but they are even more focuse. It is important to decide at what level of granularity the cluster content is divided. If you divide content without determining the granularity, you may end up creating duplicate content with similar content, or end up with a website that cannot meet user needs. It is necessary to prepare cluster content in excess or deficiency for pillar content. internal link An important element in topic clustering is how to build internal links.

Internal links are links that connect pages

In order to increase the website traffic rate, we will set up links to related pages. The basic idea is to send internal links from all cluster content to pillar  Malaysia Phone Number Data content. Users who read the cluster content are guide to the pillar content and aggregate into the pillar content. As the amount of content on a site increases, the structure of internal links inevitably becomes complicated, and it is easy to create internal links even between unrelated content. However, if you blindly install internal links, you will end up with a site that is difficult for both users and search engines to understand.

How to deal with page experience

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Therefore, by designing your site and internal links according to the concept of topic clusters, you can build a site that is strong in SEO. Connecting pages with Bolivia Phone Number List internal links is an effective way to convey. To Google’s search engine the relationship between pillar content and cluster content. For example, within the pillar content “SEO” article, there are internal link. What is nofollow”, “SEO External Measures”, and “Back. Use the page experience report to find areas for improvement on your site. To improve your page experience.  Check the numbers in the report and prioritize the items with the lowest numbers first.

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