WeChat marketing is becoming more and  more popular, and offline merchants can’t seem to resist taking a leap. At present, only a few strong  offline merchants have embarked on the road of cooperation with Tencent for the emerging electronic membership cards and electronic coupons. For offline companies with resources, using  marketing is just in line with the trend. Do you need WeChat marketing? Can WeChat marketing reach the target consumer group and then deliver? I think offline companies cannot just listen to t officials’ words, nor can they blindly promote or act hastily. Weibo is a good example of how the bubble is slowly bursting amid the virtual reality boom. Needless to say, this article mainly discusses why o2o marketing under WeChat cannot be connected with “local atmosphere”. It is not just a description of the phenomenon of the case, but a more in-depth exploration of the details of the case. As for the implementation form, it varies according to the actual situation.

It is undeniable that WeChat is still just a growing productHow to do

It is undeniable that WeChat is still just a growing product, with immature software functions and insufficient hardware. In recent years, the open platform Spain Whatsapp Data launched by WeChat has also further addressed application needs, and more attention has been paid to  profit model. Take WeChat shopping as an example. Meifu Exchange Rate first opened a store on . Users can directly use   How to do WeChat to order goods and pay online. This e-commerce model is obviously not within the scope of o2o discussion. The most reliable way for WeChat to solve offline payment problems is to bind Tenpay. In other words, offline merchants market their products or services through  and guide customers to consume offline, and customers can choose to pay online. There is a practical problem. After offline consumption, possible payment methods include prepaid Tenpay, direct cash or credit card, and scanning the QR code to pay through online banking.

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Of course, these methods are not the only ones that remain unchanged How to do WeChat

But the question is how to obtain the voucher, and whether offline merchants can verify the authenticity of the voucher after prepaying with Tenpay. If paying in  AQB Directory advance is not reliable at present, then the so-called QR code How to do marketing has become useless. It is more convenient for consumers to pay cash or swipe their cards after consumption. This may be a software and hardware problem that WeChat needs to solve, not only for paid coupons, but also for coupons. Today’s o2o marketing cannot rely entirely on QR codes. In the future, QR codes will be an important entrance and exit for o2o. How to do WeChat The entrance problem has been solved, but the exit is still being explored. This is not only a technical issue, but also a question of how to utilize existing conditions in practical operations. Therefore, product and technical issues are left to professionals to solve. Next, we will focus on the problems faced by offline operations.

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