How to evaluate content Starting today. We will be translating and sharing information about videos that Google has officially released on Youtube. I will try my best to get as close to the original text (what is being said in the video) as possible to avoid subjectivity or biased opinions in the translation. But if you notice any mistakes or mistranslations, please leave a comment. is. Published 6/2 “How can content be ranked if there aren’t many links to it. Today’s question is from Ashisha from India.

How does Google determine the quality of the content

“If a post doesn’t have many external links, ?” That’s what it means. In general, we use a similar approach to search engines before external links became Bank User Number Data mainstream. This means that the evaluation is based on the text on the page. Google has a lot of evaluation factors, for example, the first time you see a certain word on a page, count a little more, then the next time you find it, count a little more, and after counting a little more, this word comes up.

Sometimes you realize that this page is talking about this topic

Special Data

This doesn’t mean you should repeat keywords over and over and over again. In fact, at some point we’ll start to think of it as keyword stuffing, and you’ll get a Morocco WhatsApp Number List lower rating than if you had mentioned the specific text a reasonable number of times. Of course there are many other methods. For example, we use other means to evaluate the quality of content. Such as whether the domain where the content is list is worthy of evaluation or not. Another common example is when a user searches for a very unusual phrase.

How to evaluate content that doesn’t have many external links


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