Have you heard of precision online marketing? Precision online marketing is a segmented marketing term. Market differentiation and positioning are a key part of modern marketing activities. Only by accurately distinguishing the market can effective market, product and brand positioning be ensured. Next, we will introduce how to do precise online marketing.

Precision online marketing mainly makes full use of various new media to push marketing information to more accurate audience groups, thereby saving marketing costs and maximizing marketing effects. The new media here generally refers to media other than newspapers, magazines, radio, and television (that is, non-traditional media), such as official accounts, social marketing, mini programs, etc.

Three core methods of precision online marketing

WeChat public account First of all, public accounts are one of the core methods of precise online promotion and marketing for enterprises. Through public accounts, companies can spread their products, activities and culture to users, and users can then tell their Laos Whatsapp Data friends through their circle of friends, forming a huge corporate fan circle. Moreover, there is almost no cost to open a public account. This is basically no pressure for traditional industries that are just getting involved in the Internet, but it is a good promotion channel. But you must output high-quality content to attract users and improve user stickiness. Only high-quality things can attract users to forward.

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With WeChat’s strong support for mini programs

the continuous increase of various functions, mini  programs have demonstrated a strong influence in various industries and will bring huge business  AQB Directory opportunities to various industries. Therefore, many traditional industries will use small programs to test the Internet first. After all, small programs are the closest marketing tools and are simple and lightweight. You can communicate with customers by carrying a mobile phone with you. As a smaller version of the APP,

How to get twice the result with half the effort through precise online marketing


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