Are you wondering, “Are category pages important for SEO?” Category pages have the role of categorizing the content on a website and telling crawlers and users “where and what kind of information is available.” In this article, we will explain in detail why category pages are important for SEO, how to set them up effectively, and things to keep in mind.

Why category pages are important for SEO

A category page is a page that easily categorizes a huge amount of content on a website and displays a list of them by genre or tag. By creating category pages, you can  Australia Phone Number Data create a hierarchy (parent-child relationship) in your web pages. Additionally, in the case of e-commerce sites, product sales can vary greatly depending on the design and structure of categories. So optimal categorization and category page settings are especially important for e-commerce sites.

Make it easier for users to find desired web pages

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You can make it easier for users to find content by . Setting content with the same theme on the same category page. Then setting a breadcrumb trail or setting Afghanistan Phone Number List a global menu on the top page to direct them to the category page. Furthermore, you can expect the circulation rate of article pages within the same category to increase. When setting up a category page. It is essential to connect the category page and each article pa As well as articles in the same category. Using internal links. Crawlers visit pages by following internal links. So creating a website hierarchy will improve search engine crawler traffic. This has the advantage. That crawlers can visit the page quickly and index it more easily.

How to set up category pages that are effective for SEO


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