In Google Analytics the  Get referrer Obtain referrer information even if visited from “https” “which page link the user visited from?” is called “referrer.” Unless the site is SSL-enabled, you will not be able to obtain referrers from “https” pages. (Please note that even if you support always-on SSL, you will not be able to obtain user search keywords and queries.) ⑤ Impact on SEO Always-on SSL affects SEO We have been using https as a ranking signal since August 2014. Although it does not have a large weight compared to other signals, it determines that “if the SEO scores are exactly the same, the https site has an advantage.”

There are also disadvantages to always on SSL

Operating costs Issuing an SSL server certificate is expensive In order to implement SSL, it is necessary to issue a certificate. Issuing a certificate is generally charged Iraq WhatsApp Number Data and costly. Although some SSL certificates are free. They do not guarantee your identity and are not sufficient to protect against phishing scams. Disadvantages include the lack of support and the time-consuming update process. Therefore, even if there is a fee, we recommend installing OV/EV certificates.

Unavailability of tools

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Some tools can only  use with “http” sites. There are tools in the world that cannot be installed on sites that are always SSL-enabled. Of course, when Jordan Phone Number List using a tool, be sure to check whether the site is compatible. However, always-on SSL is becoming more and more common. And it will become mandatory for tool vendors to support it as well. Resetting the SNS button Like me on Facebook. Counts such as cannot be carried over. By supporting always-on SSL from http-connect sites. The count of social buttons such as the Facebook Like button will  reset.

In Google Analytics the information that indicates


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