In order to create  May is already over. It’s already been two months since the new fiscal year started, so time flies. What comes to your mind when you think of June? The rainy season, hydrangeas, Father’s Day…I’m sure many things come to mind, but I would like to focus on June Bride. So, this time, in connection with June Bride. we will investigate how wedding halls attract customers online from the perspective of the wedding hall operator. table of contents 1What exactly is “June Bride”? 2Research results/things I noticed Summary of survey results and advice FourInvestigation tool introduction What exactly is “June Bride”? It can be seen from a tool ( Google Trends ) that allows you to investigate changes in the number of searches that the number of searches increases dramatically every June .

What exactly is June Bride

June Bride search trend Friendly competition marketing. You may have heard of the term “June Bride,” which is sometimes referr to as “a woman’s Thailand WhatsApp Number Data dream.’ but many of you may not be familiar with it specifically. What is the meaning and origin of June Bride. In Europe and the United States. it is said that getting marry in June will bring happiness. and this has  practice in Japan for several decades. There are various theories about its origin. One is that Hera (Roman name: Juno, English name: Juno) from Greek mythology .the goddess of marriage, protects June.

June Bride was originally a European culture

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To have only become popular in Japan in the last few decades. There are various theories about its origin, but the most likely one is the goddess. Juno Peru Phone Number List mentione in the quote. Other theories include the climate theory (June is the month with the least rain in. Europe and the weather is good) and the theory. that June is the month when the farming season is do and the ban on marriage is lift. However, all of these theories are not particularly true in Japan. In fact, it is say that the popularity of June. Bride in Japan was a strategy of the bridal hotel industry. In Japan, June Bride is say to have originate in 1967-68. when the hotel and bridal industries launch June. Bride in an effort to increase sales.

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