Can you let your employees take charge of innovation. With little managerial oversight? When employees are empowered to make a difference on their own. To lead rather than follow a managerial directive. The innovation process takes on a life of its own. Adobe Kickbox, a physical box of practical tools and resources for employees. To innovate rapidly and independently, fosters innovation in every pocket of the company. It helps capture grassroots innovation happening at the edges of the internal network. Inspire Intrapreneurship at more than 11,000 employees. Adobe is a large software company in the heart of Silicon Valley. Such companies can struggle to keep talent when the best.

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Lucrative start-ups and entrepreneurship. By focusing on fostering intrapreneurship in its employee base, Adobe offers the USA Number Data empowerment needed to keep staff engaged and challenged while directly contributing to product R&D and company growth. Although today Adobe Kickbox can be used by any company, it originally began as the sole innovation process used at Adobe since 2012. Since its inception, more than a thousand new ideas have been prototyped using the Kickbox process. Once Adobe realised the potential for Kickbox to support innovation in all companies, it began offering its resources free for download.

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Organizations have already downloaded the kit in multiple languages. What, exactly, makes Kickbox so different and so successful? Adobe Kickbox pulls employee innovation out of people’s brains and into action, using the Estonia Phone Number List following tools in a training session: Prepaid credit card with $1,000 for project research and proof-of-concept (empowerment) Starbucks gift card (caffeine) Chocolate bar (sugar) Complete directions for Adobe’s innovation process (some structure) Once an Adobe employees completes the final phase of the innovation process directions, they’re then awarded a “Blue Box” (with its secret contents undisclosed) and assigned an executive sponsor to bring their ideas to fruition.

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