Both some sme managers and some self-employed people think that due to the size of their companies they do not need to analyze data . Therefore, they consider that a business intelligence ( bi) solution is not going to add much value to their company. This is a misperception, because the right data can make organizations of any size more competitive in today’s data-driven business environment. These tools are so important that the kit digital aid program , launched by the government, includes it as a eligible category. Next, we will explain why you should consider investing in business intelligence as a priority for your small or medium-sized business. What is business intelligence? In essence, business intelligence is a process that allows you to identify and analyze an organization’s data with the aim of making informed business decisions.

Seen in this way, business intelligence

Requires a set of methods and technologies that support all implicit procedures. From the way of organizing and analyzing data, to the way of communicating the results. In other words, bi obtains important information from enormous amounts of data to convert it into relevant information for the business. In addition to helping you make sound decisions, it can guide the optimization of operational efficiency and improved productivity. The processed data Poland WhatsApp Number List provides relevant information on customer trends, purchasing habits, online shopping statistics, among other aspects. This can add considerable value to any company. Business intelligence processes in general, business intelligence brings together a series of procedures such as the organization of capture, storage and analysis. Obviously, it also assumes data reporting for idea generation. Successful execution of a business intelligence strategy requires a solid organization of how to use data from start to finish.

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What sources it can use to capture data from potential and active customers; as well as how to organize them to facilitate their analysis. Storage. The amount of data relevant to organizations is often very large. To be useful, this data must be stored in a repository that can be reliably Finland WhatsApp Number List accessed by authorized collaborators. For example, a sql database . The point is that the storage solution should always be up to date, so that the company can act promptly on any changes in data. Analysis of data. Business intelligence emphasizes descriptive and diagnostic analysis to answer questions about where the company was before. Also what situation you are in now and why you are going through the current circumstances. In this sense, bi solutions must be able to take advantage of data storage to perform these analyses.

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