Technology trends shaping the future, Kaleido Insights. By Jeremiah Owyang, with my partners Jaimy Szymanski, Jessica Groopman, and Rebecca Lieb What happens when the pace and scope of technological change becomes exponentially greater than an organization’s ability to adapt? This isn’t a prophecy, it’s today’s state of the business world. The scope and velocity of change brought about by technologies are only increasing. We’re surrounded by a proliferation of devices and interfaces; Introducing Kaleido an untold velocity of data generation and networked services.

 An ever-shifting tessellation

New capabilities and bright shiny objects. Innovation is no longer a choice, it’s an imperative. To support organizations in this ongoing journey, today we launch Kaleido Insights. Our mission is to help companies foresee, decipher, and act on technological disruption with agility. Kaleido Insights is a research-based Japan WhatsApp Number Data advisory firm founded by four proven industry analysts: Jaimy Szymanski, Jessica Groopman, Jeremiah Owyang, and Rebecca Lieb. Not only have we shared a deep history of collaboration, in both research and client project capacities.

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We’re a trusted team of friends

As research analysts, our collective expertise offers a wide range of coverage; when leveraged as a whole, we are greater than the sum of the parts. When interwoven, we help organizations find sanity and strategy in the chaos. Transforming this ‘kaleidoscope’ of technological disruption into a clear vision for innovation. To substantiate Brazil WhatsApp Number List our unique methodology for analyzing the impacts of emerging technologies, we are publishing an introductory research report. This research identifies and analyzes three macrotrends driven by emerging technologies which impact us all.

Introducing Kaleido Insights


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