Investment incentive certificate processes. Were previously carried out by the ministry of commerce. Formerly the ministry of economy. And have been transferred to the ministry of industry and technology in recent years. Within the scope of the incentive certificate. It is a comprehensive investment. Therefore, program that supports the acceleration of investment returns. In order to reduce and reduce the initial costs of investments such. As greenfield investments. Capacity increases and modernization. In the incentive certificate. Therefore, the main objectives are stated as supporting the value-added investments. Of enterprises, increasing production and employment, and increasing international competitiveness. In line with the targets envisaged. In the development plans and annual programs.

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Our Investment Incentive Certificate Consultancy page, where our Investment Incentive Certificate Consultancy approach, details of our consultancy process and the tips of the Fax Lists Investment Incentive Certificate are explained . What is the Purpose of the Incentive System? What kind of initiatives are supported by the Investment Incentive Certificate? The most important purpose of the Incentive System is to encourage the production of intermediate goods and intermediate products with high import dependency in order to increase the country’s production capacity and even reduce the current account deficit. High and medium technology investments that will ensure technological transformation are also within the scope of incentives.

In our country, which is divided into six regions

Within the scope of the incentive certificate, with Istanbul being the city that receives the AQB Directory largest investment, and since the eastern provinces receive less investment, an incentive system has been established to provide equal investment opportunities to each region in order to reduce this imbalance and development differences compared to these regions. In order to increase the support elements and in this context, today’s technologies allow companies to invest without fear and the state waives its own receivables and provides capital to companies during the investment phase.

Investment Incentive: What Is It?


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