During the current epidemic, most traditional industries have been hit hard. Currently, traditional industries are facing transformation and embracing opportunities with changes. According to historical patterns, every crisis almost always means the replacement of traditional models. In the wave of digitalization, can digital transformation be a life-saving straw for traditional industries? What fresh blood can the digital wave bring to traditional industries?

During the SARS period in 2003, physical retail suffered a huge impact, but the global Internet trend boosted the development of the domestic Internet economy and ushered in the golden decade of China’s Internet. The 2020 epidemic can also be optimistically regard as an opportunity to reshape China’s economic structure. The rise of 5G commercialization and cloud computing, the rapid popularization of big data applications, and the proliferation of online education, medical care, entertainment, and fresh food are all in the same place, and it looks like history is repeating itself.

While the COVID-19 epidemic threatens global public health

It will also undoubtedly have a serious Philippines Whatsapp Data impact on the current order and future of world economic operations. Although the epidemic will inevitably bring about short-term production lag, it is very important and urgent for all industries to truly see that it is important and urgent to strengthen the construction of informatization and intelligent production systems. Accelerating the manufacturing upgrade process seems to have become a battle about efficiency and digitalization. The battle of transformational change.

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The new retail industry is expected to usher in development opportunities

During the epidemic, the order volume of leading AQB Directory  companies such as JD.com, Meituan, Ele.me, and Hema Xiansheng increased explosively. The Dingdong shopping app even achieved a threefold increase in order volume on New Year’s Eve. The reason is that e-commerce customer acquisition costs Low, consumption habits are intensively develop, and the brand effect is strong. Traditional e-commerce is similar to the shopping model of a large supermarket. Online live broadcasts, through interaction with consumers on online videos.  are similar to restoring the purchasing scene in a shopping mall. In addition. The application of emerging technologies such as AI and big data has promoted online 3D shopping. The application of self-service checkout and unmanned supermarkets has better matched people’s personalized consumption needs

Is digital transformation a new way out for traditional industries


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