Is SEO an abbreviation   As you mentione in your self-introduction, SEO is the practice of entering keywords in search results, but are you familiar with this term? Mr SatoIsn’t that an internet term? I don’t really understand the meaning ── S, E, O…what do you think they stand for? Mr SatoS is for service. I don’t know, ah! engine? Is O an operator? ── The correct answer is Search Engine Optimization, an abbreviation in English. What do you think this means? Mr SatoWell, some kind of search engine blah blah blah? I don’t know…lol ── Simply put, the more websites you see at the top of search results, the more people will visit your website, the more your products will sell, and the more people will come to your store.

Business grows through search

Mr. Sato, you write with SEO in mind on a daily basis. Mr SatoIt seems like I was doing it, unconsciously lol Deputy store manager Sato asks what “SEO” is. *Editor-in-chief Fukai India WhatsApp Number Data talks about what “SEO” is, and Deputy Manager Sato listens with passionate eyes. He follows users with similar hobbies and tastes on SNS such as Instagram and Twitter, and uses his timeline as a place to discover new information. I don’t use Facebook. ── Do you usually search for something other than search engines? Things like using apps and SNS.

Atsumi Quite a lot on Instagram

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I personally like Pooh, so I follow him a lot. Sewing photos are quite popular right now. I take pictures of stuffed animals as if they are the main characters, and  sometimes Jamaica Phone Number List I find photo spots on Instagram and think, “Let’s go there,” so I go there on my day off to take pictures. ── Do you use Facebook? Mr SatoI do have a Facebook account, but I don’t know how long I haven’t logged in, so I don’t use it lol. Mr. AtsumiI don’t use Facebook at all. There was so much personal information that I had to enter at the time of registration that I got tired of it and quit. Everyone started registering when they were in high school.

Is SEO an abbreviation for Service Engine Operator


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