When you look around at all the beeping and blinking apps and devices. Most of the technology in our lives is trying to get and hold our attention. Even media websites and social networks are trying to get your eyeballs for ad-based monetization. Even at the detriment of emotionally hooking us as we fight over politics or coo over kitty videos. To best illustrate the dichotomy. Here’s a slide from a research project on “Modern Wellness” I’m working on with colleague Jessica Groopman for a client who’s building out new technology and wants to be on the right side of history.

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Amber Case presented at a keynote she delivered at Anxiety Tech in SF. And she blessed I could share it here. Much of the concern of Anxiety tech is that the tech companies are often operating on an “attention economy” model. Free software Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data or content, in exchange for advertisers who pay to reach you. As a result your data is sold for attention. When people are the product – they are treated like commodities. I surveyed a number of tech folks, and found that they have the highest trust with Apple and Google. They trust Apple as they pay a hefty price to use their hardware and software.

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Apple betraying users data. I’ve heard similar responses to Google, despite much of their business model being attention economy (search ads are 70% of the revenue). In order to rethink this business model, one idea would be to Canada WhatsApp Number List offer premium based social networks and media networks – but savvy thinkers realize this would create an elite internet separate from the less fortunate, further perpetuating societal issues. Solutions. What are the business-level solutions (beyond limiting notifcations from devices and apps?), I see three scenarios: Some had suggested government provided social networks.

Is Technology making us Calm


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