Is the layout of one keyword  Basically, each page is designed with the idea that each page will receive an influx of keywords. By anticipating in advance which pages you would like to target search traffic for and with which keywords, you will be able to attract customers without waste. However, if you create a page for each detailed keyword, the number of pages may increase unnecessarily, so if the keyword has a similar meaning or search intent, it is better to create a page with multiple keywords in mind. No problem. 1 page 1 keyword image 3.Are internal links provided comprehensively? If the site structure after renewal is a “tree type”, there will be a range in the number of internal links that can be installed.

Image of grouping similar themes in the same directory

Among them, prepare not only “go” links that transition from a higher level page to a lower level page, but also “return” links that go from a lower level page to Indonesia Phone Number Data another higher level page. By providing a “back” link, you can increase the number of pages that can be visit for both users and search engines. Internal link diagram 4. Is content with similar themes organize  in the same hierarchy. Search engines also tend to evaluate each level within a site. At that time, by grouping content with similar themes in the same hierarchy, you will strengthen the relevance of that theme.

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SEO issues and supports higher rankings SEO items to be aware of during the site creation stage The following are SEO items . that you should pay attention to France Phone Number List during the site creation stage. 5.Do you want to transfer the domain you are currently using? Be sure to check whether you want to transfer the domain when renewing your site. If you continue to use the domain you are currently using, there will not be much of a problem. But if you acquire a new domain and transfer the domain. you will need to properly configure the transfer settings on the corresponding old and new pages.

Is the layout of one keyword per page


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