WeChat has launched a video account for some Is there a quick way time, and the question of how to monetize the video account has been bothering friends around it. Can video accounts be monetiz quickly? If it cannot be monetiz quickly, can the video account still develop for a long time? don’t worry. Whether it can be realized is our anxiety, not WeChat’s anxiety. These 1.1 billion loyal users belong to WeChat, not you or me. If you have traffic, you won’t have to worry about anything. WeChat will cherish its core users more than we do. Instead, we will be wary of those who are just looking to make money. Is your goal to cash in? We use Douyin,

I think we shouldn’t always be thinking about cashing out.

We should stand at the height of the WeChat Singapore Whatsapp Data platform and ask ourselves: If you have 1.1 billion users, what are you going to do? What are you trying to achieve with the surgery? In today’s WeChat Moments, there are too many WeChat merchants selling goods. Is it good for the WeChat ecosystem? How do you like it? Bringing this atmosphere into the video number, is the video number operation appropriate? Rushing to buy products will definitely affect the user experience, and the gains outweigh the losses. WeChat has 1.1 billion users, and there are many ways to implement WeChat. If you’re not worri about making money, you definitely want to not sacrifice user experience.

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If I were a WeChat operations manager, I would definitely do this

On the video account, we need to slowly  AQB Directory  increase the number of users, slowly open it up, and gradually attract users to use and get us to the video account. We should educate users to use video accounts step by step and make good use of video accounts. WeChat said that we hope that the video account can become a platform for everyone to record and create. There are too many creators competing on WeChat. The WeChat video account must not be fully open immediately and allow a bunch of large external platform users to squeeze in. This will worsen the ecology of the WeChat video account and cause greater losses. If WeChat does not control a huge professional operation team in advance, what opportunities will every ordinary person have?

Is there a quick way to monetize a WeChat video account


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