WeChat has launched a video account for some time, and the question of how to monetize the video account has been bothering friends around it. Can video accounts be monetized quickly? If it cannot be monetized quickly, can the video account still develop for a long time? don’t worry. Whether it can be realized is our anxiety, not WeChat’s anxiety. These 1.1 billion loyal users belong to WeChat, not you or me. If you have traffic, you won’t have to worry about anything. WeChat will cherish its core users more than we do. Instead, we will be wary of those who are just looking to make money. Is your goal to cash in? We use Douyin, Weibo, and WeChat. We know that we should first attract fans with explosive content, then retain fans with practical content, and then use spiritual activities to convert fans. Is it too much of a rush to get people to pay attention to you from day one just because you can’t wait to cash out? I think we shouldn’t always be thinking about cashing out.

In today’s WeChat Moments, there are too many WeChat merchants selling goods

Is it good for the WeChat ecosystem? How do you like it? Bringing this atmosphere into the video number, is the video number operation appropriate? Rushing to buy South Africa Whatsapp Data products will definitely affect the user experience, and the gains outweigh the losses. WeChat has 1.1 billion users, and there are many ways to implement WeChat. If you’re not worried about making money, you definitely want to not sacrifice user experience. Therefore, WeChat’s operational goal must be to find ways to cultivate new culture, new playback methods, and new accounts among video numbers. In short, it does not immediately serve as a conduit to cash. Anyone who wants to make money is cool. one If I were a WeChat operations manager,


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User retention depends on whether you can make money on your platformIs there a quick way.

Everyone will make content seriously. Whoever has good content can attract ordinary users to stay and achieve monetization. Therefore, it is very correct to AQB Directory  create videos during the outbreak. So I’m optimistic about the video account because I don’t expect quick monetization. No money, no money, but three years later, I am still alive, and this is my ultimate goal. On the contrary, I think the WeChat video account is a reward opportunity for ordinary people, talented and patient people, and we cannot miss it. two What should ordinary people do? 【1】 It is important to think clearly about what should be done. 【2】 In order to learn how to shoot good-looking vlog videos, Video Number encourages everyone to record their lives, that is, use their mobile phones to take good photos and videos. Are you good at short videos and mobile photography? do not worry. You have to have the weapons of the time before you can get in and grab the dividends.

Is there a quick way to monetize a WeChat video account


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