When viewing a PC site on a smartphone, the text may be so small that it can hardly be seen. In such cases, it is a hassle to zoom in and view each time. This problem can basically be solved by setting the viewport. If the problem is still not resolved, please refer to the link below. Use readable font sizes | PageSpeed ​​Insights | Google Developers Are you using Flash?  The name of content created by combining audio, video, and graphics animation, or the system that creates such content Adobe Systems, and at one time was widely used on various sites. Flash may not display properly on smartphones. Therefore, although it is convenient when viewed on a PC, usability is significantly hindered when viewed on a smartphone.

you are currently using Flash on your smartphone site

Stop using it and use animations that work properly on smartphones. ■Reference Content that cannot  play – Mobile guide for webmasters. Are the tap Brazil Telegram Number Data elements (links and buttons) too close together? Have you ever had the experience of viewing a PC page on your smartphone and clicking a different link than the one you wanted to click because the links were too close together? Buttons and links that are too close together can be very difficult to use. The recommended size of the tap element is about 7 mm, and if the tap element is smaller than that, it seems better to distance the links by about 5 mm.

the design will change significantly

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It will be necessary to consider realistic countermeasures, such as responding to pages with high importance first. Appropriately size tap targets | Page Speed Senegal Phone Number List ​​Insights Are app download interstitials use. When you click on a URL in the search results. Other content (ads) may be display that overlays the desire content. This is call an interstitial. Among these interstitials, those promoting the download of a destination site’s mobile app are a negative factor in the mobile-friendly algorithm. The only solution is to eliminate interstitials. However, that doesn’t mean all mobile app promotions are bad, so  sure to do so in a way that doesn’t interfere with users’ browsing behavior on your site, such as using banners on your site.

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