Spiritual incentives are nothing more than allowing users to get things that cannot be bought with money, such as QQ levels, community titles, etc. These usually require users to spend a lot of time and contribute to the product. The most prominent thing is that users’ levels are obtained through their own efforts and cannot be obtained through money. Only when they have high spiritual value will they be recognized by other users, which can give users a sense of class.

Secondly, additional points need to be added to the level system

such as community content selection, check-in days, etc. “Accelerate” some high-quality users by level, promote more users to generate material Kuwait Whatsapp Data  incentives, and drive users to perform certain behaviors through benefits. For example, IP products often use peripheral items as rewards, such as dolls and mascots. It is common for e-commerce activities to stimulate users to place orders by issuing coupons or discounts. In short, different products have different material incentives.

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Users who start using the application within a period of time

and continue to use the application after a period of time are consider retain users. Define retention criteria bas on the product, which could be a  AQB Directory week or a  year. In the same way, users who leave during this period are lost users. How to improve user retention rate?

How to improve user stickiness to the product? When designing a product. You must think about how to seize users’ time and prevent users from changing .Their minds and switching to other similar products (user loss). There are many ways to do this, from the core value or. Service of the product to the operation and promotion of the product. Improving stickiness is to allow users to improve their self-awareness. For example, when you mention Zhihu, you think of it as a knowledge sharing website, and when you mention Bilibili, you think of it as a two-dimensional website.

It is to continuously allow users to use the product


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