Learn the role and description¬† There may be some site operators who say, “I set the h tag without paying much attention to it, but I don’t really understand the purpose or effect of setting it.” Properly setting h tags will improve SEO and usability. In this article, we will explain the role and benefits of the h tag, and the correct way to write it. table of contents 1What is h tag? 2Advantages of h tag 2.1SEO rating increases 2.2Text becomes easier to read 2.3Makes it easier to create a table of contents 3Role of h tag 3.1h1 tag 3.2h2~h6 tag FourHow to write h tag 4.1Basic description method 4.2Adjusting colors and font size 4.3order of description FiveNotes on h tags 5.1Consider web design and h tag description separately.

When using an image in the h tag, set the alt attribute

Learn the role and description¬† Headings can be on new lines,What is h tag? but be careful of the length.The h tag is an HTML tag used to indicate the heading of a website. “h” is an abbreviation UAE WhatsApp Number Data for “heading” and has the meaning of a heading. There are six h tags from h1 to h6, and the lower the number, the higher the hierarchy level of the heading. The rule is to set the h tag with the next highest number inside the h tag with the lowest number. like a nested structure, such as setting h3 inside h2 and h4 inside h3. Advantages of h tag. Properly setting h tags has benefits for both search engines and users. Here we will explain the three main benefits.

Advantages of h tag SEO rating increases

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By including keywords in the h tag, you can accurately convey to search engines the relationship between the page content and keywords. which can improve Portugal Phone Number List your SEO evaluation. For example, if you are creating content using the keyword “SEO tools.” Set h tags that include related keywords such as “How to choose an SEO tool.”¬† “Benefits of implementing an SEO tool.” Text becomes easier to read Creating headings for each topic will greatly improve the readability of your content. This is because the text enclosed. in h tags is displayed larger than the main text. making it easier to obtain information visually.

Learn the role and description method and make full use of heading tags


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