On this basis, podcasts can gradually form their own rhythm and find a way to survive in the market with moderate size and flexible turnover. At the same time, a good phenomenon is that podcasters who are not good at monetization now have the opportunity to be “helped” by joining industry alliances.

A typical case is that in 2020. Ritan Park established the “Sunlight Party” alliance, hoping to unite multiple leading podcasters to share years of experience in content, traffic, and business fields with more podcasters in the industry. Sunlight Party is a brand new business model that Ritan. Park hopes to unite with its podcast partners for many years, using the customer resources accumulated over the years as leverage to jointly digest the demands of brand owners. And at the same time explore some more interesting business and marketing methods.

The active exploration and self-rescue

leading podcasts seems to point Denmark Whatsapp Data out a good path for the commercialization prospects of podcasts. At the same time, the entry of large platforms with outstanding advantages in terms of traffic, operations, and commercial resources can also bring certain help to the commercialization of podcasts.

Since April 2020, giants have accelerated the layout of the podcast business: Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) launched the podcast app Kuwo Changting, ByteDance launched Tomato Changting, Kuaishou hatched Kayak, NetEase Cloud Music. QQ Music has successively carried out a large-scale revision of the App, with “Podcasts” appearing as a first-level menu for the first time… The entry of giants with mature monetization methods and resources may help podcasters break through the “bottleneck period” of commercialization

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The confidence of podcast practitioners comes

second, the storytelling in audio form is very strong, and any  AQB Directory  implantation will be more in-depth; The third is that the influence of podcast content is very long-tail, and its programs can continue to attract listeners for one or two years after they are produced. These three points are advantages that video and graphic media do not have, so podcasts can just make up for the shortcomings of short video-based marketing methods on the market. At the same time, many podcast practitioners also believe that the main pillar of the future commercialization of podcasts is not just advertising revenue. For example, Li Zhiming said that the overall revenue structure of Ritan Park will still be based on content payment in the future, supplemented by other revenue such as advertising.

Learning from leading players at home and abroad


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