The digital kit grant program has become a unique opportunity for small and medium-size businesses to digitally update their activity at zero cost. But entrepreneurs and self-employe workers still have many doubts about the digital kit. There are many smes that are trusting in the digitizing agents approve by the ministry of economic affairs and digital transformation to manage and implement the products that best fit all the needs as a business of the future. So far, the boe has published two calls for aid to implement the digital bonus . The first is intend for companies with 10 to 49 workers. The second call benefits smes and self-employe workers who have 3 to 9 workers. But, as always happens when starting a new path, doubts begin to arise that we would like to clarify in this article.

The corporate self-employed person

Like the self-employe collaborators, cannot be beneficiaries of the digital kit themselves. Now, they count towards the average workforce. That is, a corporate self-employe person would be one of the three workers describe in the second call approve by the government USA WhatsApp Number Data in september, for smes and self-employ workers who have between 3 and 9 workers and wish to request the digital bonus . In this way, you cannot apply as an independent self-employe person but you can apply on behalf of the company as the applicant entity. Can I use the digital kit to invest in hardware? The digital voucher cannot be use for the purchase of hardware, except, according to order etd/734/2022 of july 26, in the event that the supply of the devices.

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What taxes are not eligible for the digital voucher

The part relate to taxes is another of the most common doubts about the digital kit . The nextgeneration eu european funds for the digital kit are non-refundable aid that subsidizes 100% of the solution that the beneficiary company has decide to contract to develop the digitalization of its Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List business . The development of these digital solutions is carrie out by digitizing agents , approve by the government. These agents must issue an invoice to their clients whose vat must be paid . The invoice that the agents receive for the amount of vat does not include the cost of the service, which is already covere by the subsidy that has been approve. However, remember! Don’t forget that you will recover it since you can deduct or deduct it.

Main doubts about the digital kit


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