What are the features of wordpress that have taken it to the top of cms ? If you have asked yourself this question on some occasion, we are glad to have you here. This is the question that we are going to analyze in the following sections. Next, we review all the benefits of using this content manager , such as its positive influence on the seo of a website or the great offer of web hosting optimized for this cms that we currently find. Discover the strengths of wordpress with us! WordPress is open source one of the main virtues of wordpress is that it is open source . In fact, he is not the only one. In recent times, this type of software is experiencing a good moment. What does your company gain by opting for a solution of this type? First of all, versatility.

You will probably be forced to hire

A specialized team of developers , but the investment will not be as high as starting a project from scratch. The fact that it is open source also ensures the continuity of the project . It would not be the first time that a company abandons private software due to lack of profitability, leaving its Japan WhatsApp Number List partners without support. On the contrary, in the world of open source , any developer could continue with the project, even if the development company abandons it. A content manager with a huge community the wordpress community is gigantic. There are so many companies and users that have opted for their technology, that the internet is full of forums and blogs with tips, tricks, solutions to problems and much more. When you choose this cms to be the engine of your website.

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One of them is the manual one

Which is carried out thanks to a very simple wizard . In addition, there are many guides on the internet that explain how to successfully complete this installation. On the other hand, many web hosting providers offer unattended installation . With a few clicks and entering some basic data, your Belgium WhatsApp Number List website will be registered and ready to be personalized. Plugins that cover all needs, another of the best features of wordpress the wordpress user community is large, but the developer community is not far behind. Connectors or add-ons, also called plugins, are small programs that are integrated into the content manager to provide it with new capabilities . There are some very popular ones that you may have heard of. One of them is woocommerce , a plugin that turns wordpress into an online store.

Main features of wordpress that make it the most used cms


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