E-commerce will continue to rise. Customers are returning to physical stores, but their online shopping habits are already consolidated. So much so that it is estimated. That global retail sales in this sector will grow between 5 and 8 billion dollars in 2026. Do you want your business to be part of those that will bill to reach such an amount? Without a doubt. You will have to be informed and take into account the trends in ecommerce for 2023. Consumer preferences, expectations and possibilities are constantly changing. Below, we present a brief list of aspects that you should consider next year to increase your online sales. Optimize omnichannel as a priority among ecommerce trends these last three years have been difficult for retailers. After a rebound in online shopping. The restrictions imposed by covid-19 are behind us and consumers are returning to physical stores.

But everything has changed

Searches and transactions on online platforms fueled a phenomenon that is not new: omnichannel . A recent study determined that about 75% of buyers interact with multiple channels before making a Mexico WhatsApp Number List purchase. In parallel, 73% of frequent buyers in e-commerce say they make contact with various channels throughout their “customer journey” . Regarding the above, “buyer journeys” do not always begin or end on the companies’ web portal. Loyal customers are usually followers of the profiles of their favorite brands on social networks and, on these platforms, they interact with them. Although they will also be able to compare prices between different companies and websites. For all of the above, optimizing omnichannel is a key trend in ecommerce to increase the turnover of online retailers and improve their competitiveness.

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How can you do it in your business

Here are some recommendations: effectively manage your social networks , generating content of interest to your audience, monitoring the social conversation about your brand and responding to comments from your followers. Ensure effective and coherent interconnection between Benin WhatsApp Number List all your digital and physical channels, to avoid gaps in the omnichannel customer experience. Confirm that store stock can be viewed online and in real time. Offer payment methods adjusted to the characteristics and expectations of your clients. Mobile first, a constant in ecommerce trends indeed, according to research by the consulting firm statista , mobile phone users generate the majority of visits to digital commerce websites globally. Also, the largest number of orders are made that way. In the third quarter of 2022, smartphones accounted for around 73% of retailer website traffic and generated 63% of online orders.

Main trends in ecommerce returning to physical stores


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