The “create and grow” law has already been a reality since last september 29 and. With it, the mandatory electronic invoice arrives to formalize commercial. Relations for companies and self-employ workers. The invoice is the daily life of a business. It allows you to know the degree of liquidity and what your star products or services are. Until now, the issuance of a paper invoice was known to everyone. Who has not asked for a bill in a restaurant, or in a store. Or in a supermarket? You request the invoice, gave your tax information. And the seller print a paper with the details we need to justify the expense; that is. This invoice specifies the service or product purchas and the taxes that its purchase entail. How is the traditional invoice different from the electronic invoice.

Like the traditional invoice

For the rest, the electronic invoice is, like the traditional invoice. Proof of delivery of goods or provision of services with the same legal effects. Of course, there are benefits to take into account: the main benefit of this invoice format is financial savings; it allows you to say “goodbye” to the paper and ink costs involve in printing invoices, and to their postal costs. In Netherlands WhatsApp Number List addition to this, other advantages are the saving of time in processing these papers. Likewise the headaches of storing so many documents that later have to be sent to the manager. And it wouldn’t be the first time that an invoice got misplace and we went crazy looking for it, right? And, on top of that, surely that invoice that is lost is the one that the client later claims from us…. Details of the day-to-day life of an entrepreneur or self-employe person.

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How long do I have to implement

This type of invoice in my business? The obligation to issue digital invoices will come into force once the operating regulations of the standard in this regard are approv. That is, we are talking about 6 months since law 18/2022 of september 28 on business creation and growth was publish. Once the measure for mandatory electronic invoice comes into force , the Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List aforemention law establishes an adaptation period for companies depending on their billing. Companies that invoice more than 8 million euros per year have one year to convert their paper invoices into digital ones the rest of the companies, which invoice less than 8 million euros, will have three years to implement the measure. The ‘digital kit’ subsidizes the implementation of the mandatory electronic invoice every change entails.

Mandatory electronic invoice been a reality


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