The life of a social media person may seem easy. But it’s not! In addition to creating publications. The specialist needs to always be up to date to create new content. Publications that can engage and at the same time go viral on the web. This activity requires dedication and it is clear that the help of some applications, can make the professional’s life easier. Especially when outside the agency or workplace. Therefore. Today we are going to check out some social media apps that promise to make life easier for everyone on social media. Social media apps and their benefits ads manager monitoring the announcements of several clients at the same time is not easy. But with this, application you will control all your investments in the palm of your hand. The ads manager is part of the social media applications available for iphone and android and has several features. In our tests. It was possible to easily create a campaign. Edit audience. Schedule budget and start and end of campaign. In short. All the options available for desktop are in this application.


Finally all results monitoring can also be done

Real-time monitoring and graphics that help with reading the results. Page manager the page manager is very important for social media. Keeping in touch with the public. Responding to comments. Monitoring Turkey Phone Number List page. Responding to messages has never been so easy. With this app you can do, all of this without confusion and with great practicality. That is. Is it social media? It has to download. Available for: ios and android . Wunderlist this, application is not very well known. However. It is very useful. Wunderlist is used to manage tasks. You can log in with facebook. And add people to a specific task group. Wunderlist is perfect for catching up on jobs. Organizing processes and deadlines . It is currently available for android . Ios . Windows phone and can also be opened in any browser. Never miss deadlines or forget, a task again. Is your busy life making you forget things? Wunderlist can give you a hand.

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Dropbox is well known

But few use it for this purpose. It is simple to install and create a shared folder. Where you and other users can access. So even far away you can not only access. But also send and update files in real time. Available for: ios and android . Google drive with a similar idea to dropbox. Drive has Brazil Phone Number List unique characteristics. Such as creating texts. Presentations and spreadsheets in the cloud. The advantages are practicality and agility. Unlike dropbox. It ,doesn’t install anything on the computer. Just access the drive website and access and edit the files. All in real time. For mobile. It offers applications that facilitate access. Making the experience much more pleasant. It is currently available for ios and android . In other words. It is a great tool for sharing spreadsheets and work files. Whether on desktop or mobile. Giphy looking for a gif, to express a feeling and make your page happier? Giphy is your choice. In addition to the website where you can find. Edit and create gifs. Giphy also has a mobile app.

Social media apps you need to know


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