Year after year, social networks gain more prominence, more attention from companies and consequently a greater number of advertisers. Consequently, the number of professionals working in the area also grows, as does the requirement for well-produced content, analysis of results and monitoring. With all this, there is a professional capable of combining all activities in an organiz and productive way. So, check out some tool tips for social media and how they can help a professional’s routine. SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS Buzzsumo Buzzsumo is the ideal social media tool for those. Who are always looking for new interesting content that can go viral on the web. The site searches for the most share articles on various. Social networks using a specific keyword and returns popular content.

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What people are talking about at the moment. Canva Canva is a design and post creation tool, perfect for those who work with social media management . One of the main points of Canva is that you don’t Russia Phone Number List to download any app, it’s cloud-based. Furthermore, posts created in Canva are size exactly according to the standards of each social network. Buffer Buffer is a true social media manager. The platform allows you to schedule publications on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With it, you can carry out the entire publishing process, from inserting images to captioning posts. tools-for-social-media Trello Trello is a management system that can be used in many ways . From team management to the publishing schedule on social media. The great advantage is that the tool can be organize in the same sequence as the process use, using different cards and lists.

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Social media and is already a trend among large companies, in addition to, of course, being a very attractive form of content that promotes great engagement. PowToon does exactly that, creates animated Canada Phone Number List videos , for free! Instamizer One of the best Instagram account manager options currently. The tool allows you to schedule publications, use hashtags, publish as the first comment and, on top of that, it also generates reports so you can monitor the growth of your account, in other words, it provides the complete service. Bitly Bitly has two functions: shortening URLs and monitoring the web address. Therefore, in addition to making the link more attractive for social networks, it will also be possible to monitor its performance, such as the number of visits it received, where the visits came from, etc.

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