The future of the internet could be in the hands of the metaverse . This term is used a lot lately, but few really know what it is. As it could not be otherwise, in this article we are going to explain it to you, addressing relate concepts, such as augmente reality or virtual reality. The metaverse may soon have a very strong impact on smes and the self-employ. If you have a small or medium-sized business, what should you know about this concept? Solve all your doubts with us. What is the metaverse and what is it for? The metaverse is a virtual world concept in which users will be able to interact with others thanks to virtual reality and augment reality. The name is attributed to facebook , which in october 2021 chang the name of its parent company to meta . However, it is not good to overlook that this terminology was already used in the novel snow crash , by neal stephenson , publish in 1992.

Leaving aside the name

That has been given to it, this is not the first time that this model of interaction has been propos in cinema or literature. And we can even say that a kind of metaverse already exist. And at the beginning of the 21st century , second life was launch, a virtual world in which users were able to interact with others, buy objects and even have businesses. However, the new concept of metaverse merges with technologies that are gradually South Africa WhatsApp Number List becoming established, such as augment reality or virtual reality . This will provide an immersive experience, putting the user at the center of the action. The future of the internet and the metaverse is also for smes smes do well to follow trends . Thus, when these become a fundamental part of their clients, they can be use as successful sales channels or to improve the productivity of their processes. Let’s look at three things you should know about the metaverse if you are an sme owner . Augment reality and virtual reality are not the same without a doubt, knowing the differences between both technologies is important.

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Augmented reality proposes

The addition of virtual elements in the real world. By using mobile devices and a set of cameras, it is possible to superimpose information on reality. In the case of virtual reality , it is an immersive technology that works with glasses, headsets and other devices. The user is completely isolat from the real world. That allows you to immerse yourself in a Bolivia WhatsApp Number List parallel and virtual one. Some online businesses are already experimenting with augment (rather than virtual) reality. For example, ikea has an application to add furniture to real spaces, such as bedrooms or living rooms. Additionally, certain ophthalmology companies now allow their customers to try on glasses virtually. Sure, all of this is still far from what the metaverse suggests, but it’s a start. What can be done with the metaverse we are not yet sure what impact the metaverse will have on our lives and therefore it is not possible to determine how smes will take advantage of it. All in all, there are some examples from the entertainment and video game industries that are worth knowing. Without going any further, artists like.


What is the metaverse and what can it offer smes


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