In an interconnected world, cyber attacks are increasingly feared by smes . Much of the information that is stored in the cloud and on a company’s devices is critical. Furthermore, thanks to the internet today, countless products and services are sold. An external attack, as a consequence of poor cybersecurity , could paralyze an entire digital infrastructure. So what to do to avoid it? This is a basic guide on cyber attacks . We tell you which are the most common in the business world and how they affect the proper functioning of a business. Likewise, we explain some advisable practices for this type of problem. Prevent your sme ‘s data from being leak or your platform from being block due to an intrusion. Types of most recurrent cyber attacks for companies in this section we focus on the type of cyber attacks that are most common in companies.

Knowing them closely will help

You identify them if you suffer from them and stop them before it is too late. Ransomware this is a kind of “kidnapping” of data . The attacker extracts all the organization’s information, stores it, and deletes it from its original location. It is also possible that even if he does not delete it, he does encrypt it. In this situation, all or part of the company is left without the necessary information to perform its tasks. How can you get it back? The person responsible for the cyber attack is responsible for contacting the company to offer to UK WhatsApp Number Data pay a ransom in exchange for providing access to the data again. Sql injection with a sql injection we refer to the implementation of malicious code on a website. The objective is to steal information from the database. This may contain critical data, such as usernames and passwords. Other purposes of this type of cyber attack is to destroy information or manipulate it.

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By infecting the systems of a company

Which can also be an sme , the aim is to achieve different objectives. You may just want to shut down a machine, extract information, or reduce productivity. Spyware spyware is a program that sneaks into a computer with the intention of spying on everything the user does . But beware! We don’t mean just seeing what happens on the screen. In reality, these attacks Vietnam WhatsApp Number List are capable of knowing all keystrokes , which includes users and passwords. This is how spies obtain the keys to the bank, cloud storage or email. Phishing phishing consists of sending seemingly real emails or sms that invite the user to enter personal data . How is it possible for someone to fall into this trap? The truth is that it is one of the most effective cyber attacks because it clones legitimate services and impersonates them. For example, you may receive a suppos message from your bank asking you to click on a link. This takes you to a website that looks real, where you are ask to enter key information.

What are the most frequent cyber attacks for companies


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