Today, digitalization has become a driver that guides small and medium-sized businesses and the self-employed towards success. In this transition towards digital transformation , the Digital Kit program What are the emerged as invaluable support, financing the implementation of a variety of solutions to boost the growth and efficiency of Spanish SMEs . By the way, , the public business entity that manages the plan in question, highlights that among the most demanded services of the Digital Kit are the design and implementation of websites. This is then followed by strengthening the online presence, managing social networks and optimizing the company’s internal processes. While these services are the backbone of digital transformation , it is important to understand that needs vary depending on the size and operations of each company.

Most demanded services

The Digital Kit by SMEs with 10 to 49 employees In the area of ​​SMEs that have between 10 and 49 employees, demands lean towards advanced solutions. In this regard, these companies have already Estonia Phone Number List the first steps in their digital journey, with an online presence and Internet marketing campaigns . However, they are hungry for the knowledge and insight provided by the data these interactions generate. This is where Business Intelligence (BI) comes into play , the technology that allows you to transform data into strategic information . Thanks to the analysis of metrics such as sales, web traffic and purchasing trends, these SMEs seek to make informed decisions. For this reason, this resource is among the most demanded services of the Digital Kit . In this sense, data integration is essential in this process and this is where many digitizing agents are playing a key role.

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To overcome this barrier

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems offer the best integration option. Modular and adaptable in design, an ERP allows SMEs to unify data from areas such as human resources and accounting, establishing a solid foundation for strategic decision making . Most demanded services of the Digital Kit by SMEs with 3 to 9 employees Obviously, SMEs with three Croatia Phone Number List to nine employees make up a more modest segment. Therefore, its digital priorities focus on collaboration and efficient management . These companies are opting more for virtual office resources , a concept that is gaining momentum thanks to the rise of teleworking. Although their teams may be small, these SMEs are looking for ways to connect and collaborate effectively, both internally and with mobile collaborators. Digital tools that facilitate this communication are essential to your continued success. Furthermore, customer relationship management has become a key demand in this segment.

What are the most requested services of the Digital Kit


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