“Big brands spend huge sums of money to Moving towards the future increase their voice volume + small brands focus on cost-effective audio products” seems to have opened up a “bright road” for commercial realization of podcasts, but it cannot be denied that this kind of prosperous scene is still rare in the industry. Several head podcasters.

The founder of the podcast program “Random Fluctuation”, which won the “New Media of the Year” award from New Weekly, has publicly stated that the podcast is currently unable to make ends meet and needs to rely on support from home. This situation is not an isolated case. Zhang Shuyu, marketing director of CITIC Publishing·Dafang and head of the Island Hopping FM project, also said in an interview with the media that the current business model of podcasting is still unclear.

It is not difficult to understand that the fundamental reason

why it is difficult to monetize podcasts is that the market is Sweden Whatsapp Data still in its infancy. Unlike American podcasts, which have developed into a mainstream media form in the United States, Chinese podcasts have only been in formal and commercial operation for a year or two. . Many brands still don’t know what podcasts are and what marketing value they can have.

Li Zhiming, the founder of Ritan Park, once said in a media interview that if you want brands to invest in advertising in 2016, you need to educate many brand owners about what podcasts are. This is equivalent to doing popularization work for the entire industry. For a long time, brand owners did not realize that podcasts were a valuable advertising channel. If the public relations company tells Party A that it wants to add a podcast distribution channel, it will have to spend a lot of energy to convince Party A. This makes podcasting as a brand new medium slow to be accepted by more brands.

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What cannot be ignored is that the overall slow development process

Putting content above all else, creating based on interests, and producing small teams  AQB Directory are the current norm for domestic podcasts. A large part of the podcast industry is not eager to commercialize, and prefers to focus entirely on content in the early stages. At the same time, there are still some people who lack much experience in commercialization. Even if they are pioneers exploring the road ahead, their progress is relatively slow, and they even often take detours.

The reluctance to commercialize too early is a subjective personal wish, and the podcast owner must make the decision anyway. But in this situation, if you want the entire industry to speed up or rise, you must first solve the problem of those who “do not know how to commercialize”.

Moving towards the future, there are still problems to be solved


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