Nodules of the thyroid or personal history of cancer If you have a close family member who has suffered from. Thyroid cancer, or if the patient has been treated for any . Therefore, type of cancer, it is necessary to perform a biopsy of the thyroid nodule using a fine needle. Also, if the patient has ever been exposed to ionizing radiation in the head or neck area.He is more at risk of developing thyroid cancer.

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Nodules of the  the patient must be operated on and in the most frequent cases the entire thyroid gland is removed. If the disease has spread, the France Number Data surrounding lymph nodes are also removed, and then according to the stage of the disease and the type There Fore of thyroid cance. Therefore, determination for further treatment with radioactive iodine follows.

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Causing a change in Australia Phone Number List voice. In such cases it is better to remove it surgically. The nodule causes hyperthyroidism If the node has active hormones. There Fore  and releases more thyroid. Hormones, it can lead to hyperthyroidism, a disease that is manifested by. Increased and irregular heartbeat Increased sweating Insomnia. Weight loss confusion Frequent bowel movements Muscle weakness irritability

Nodules of the thyroid gland


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