Scientifically, the basis of norm staff studies dates back to ancient times. This term was first used in the 1880s by Frederick Winslow Taylor, an American mechanical engineer and industrial management expert . When we look at it historically, the norm staff started to take shape primarily in state mechanisms. This concept became widespread in the private sector much later. In practice, the Norm cadre was first applied in the Karakhanid State . There is a saying belonging to the Karakhanids. The Turkish state that ruled over Central Asia and the lands of today’s. East Turkestan between 840-1212; “O sir, give the job to the competent, the useful, the right and honest.” As can be understood from here. The logic from the past has been that the job should be constructed in connection with the right person.

We can also find examples 

The concept of norm staff in the Ottoman Empire. In fact, this concept was inspired by the Ottoman state mechanisms during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent and first passed to C Level Executive List European countries such as England and France, and then to the USA via England. What is the Purpose of Making the Norm Staff? What are the benefits of Norm Staff Planning to the Business? Norm staff, ” How many people should we work with?” and “What should be the competencies when achieving the set goals?” Planning your questions. Therefore, the first thing that comes to mind here is efficiency . The biggest benefit of strategic workforce planning , optimum staff modeling or otherwise known as norm staff planning for companies is efficiency.

Process efficiency comes first among

There may sometimes be situations where the same job is done by two people. In other words, a job that can be done by only one person is done by two personnel at the same time. Due to AQB Directory business blindness, when these people are asked why the same job is done, they cannot get an answer. In a company where business blindness prevails, errors in the methods and practices used in a company, possible future opportunities and risks cannot be perceived by employees. Over time, employees have difficulty seeing problems, risks and opportunities as they get used to the company’s practices and ways of doing business. Therefore, jobs that are repetitive and have little or no added value are eliminated. On the contrary, the importance given to valuable works is increased. 

Norm Staff is Not a Concept Specific to Businesses Only


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