Year after year the growth of e-commerce and the numbers raised by brazilian virtual stores continue to grow. Both in sales volume and profit. The graphs always point upwards. A large part of these numbers is due to the almost absolute dominance of books and electronic devices. Which corresponded to 65% of purchases in 2010. But these numbers are about to change. Due to product diversification. This is what research carried out by the forrester research institute points out in a survey commissioned by google. E-commerce will double its share by 2021 projections from research commissioned by google indicate that brazilian e-commerce will grow. On average. By up to 12.4% per year. Currently. The sector’s revenue is 47.1 billion. Occupying a 2.8% share of retail. If everything goes according to the projection given by google. Revenue in 2021 should reach r$84.7 billion. Reaching 4.6% of the market. Despite the decline in 2016. Projections point to growth for next year. Clothing. Footwear. Beauty and food items are some of the developing sectors that will be most sought after by consumers from 2017 onwards. Together. These sectors correspond to just 11% of internet sales. But the forecast is that by 2018 1 in every 4 online sales are of these items.

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The food and beauty segments. For example. Brazil could leave the “third phase” of e-commerce. Where the most sold are comparable. Such as electronics and books. The “fourth phase” consists of the frequent acquisition of subjective goods. Such as beauty and food. Consequence of the growth of Vietnam Phone Number List internet the number of connected users in the country is one of the main factors for the growth of e-commerce. There are currently more than 124 million people with access to the internet. Which represents 60% of the population. The projection is that by 2021 this number will be greater than 151 million users. That is. More than 70% of the population. In this way. The age group most likely to make purchases in the future will be 25 to 44 years old. Which today represents ages between 20 and 39. E-commerce growth specialist does your e-commerce have an interface that makes your work easier? Are your media investments converting? Are your products being sold? Therefore. It is important to rely on someone who understands the subject.

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The growth of brazilian e-commerce for the coming years


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