Page design to prevent Golden week is finally approaching. Some of my colleagues are taking all working days off next week to achieve the threatened 11-day weekend. I’m so jealous. It is said that this year’s Golden Week has a bad holiday schedule, but you can feel refreshed by just taking a little extra rest! In order to get more serious about attracting customers online after the holidays! However, this time we will introduce trends in search engine customer attraction and ideas for effective content marketing, using a rental property information site as an example.

Search engine customer attraction trends

content marketing and long-tail keywords 2What content is valuable to users? 3Perspectives for creating new value for users Fourpeople only worry about one Binance App Users Data thing at a time FiveSummary to prevent rental sites from losing users to competing sites Search engine customer attraction trends: content marketing and long-tail keywords Content marketing * has come to be said to be important as a trend in attracting search engine customers in recent years . *Content marketing refers to the entire marketing method of building relationships with your existing and potential customers through high-quality content.

By adding original content to a page

Special Data

There is a higher chance of ranking higher when searching for long-tail keywords * , so from an SEO perspective, there is a movement to place importance Namibia WhatsApp Number List on creating original content. *Long-tail keywords are compound keywords makeby combining multiple words that are search less frequently but tend to attract high-quality access. However, as it has become common to attract customers using long-tail keywords. Competition has also increased . For rental information sites, typical long-tail keywords are keywords that include area and floor plan.

Page design to prevent rental sites from losing


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