PPC drives traffic to your website by paying publishers every time an ad is clicked. Based on keywords and audiences, PPC can provide a highly targeted approach to increase brand awareness, increase website traffic and business sales. A common PPC is Google Ads, and social media can also use PPC: 1. Facebook paid advertising: You can customize videos, pictures or slideshows. Facebook will publish it to news that matches your business audience. 2. Twitter Ads campaign: You can pay to place your posts or profiles in the news for a specific audience. Get more website traffic, Twitter followers, engagement, and more. 3. LinkedIn Sponsored Ads: You can pay to send messages directly to specific LinkedIn users based on your industry and background. Affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing is a performance-based advertising method. By promoting other people’s products or services on the website, you can earn corresponding commissions.

Marketing Automation

Streamline operational processes and replace many manually India Whatsapp Data performed repetitive tasks with automation. For example: 1. Email Sending: Not only does email automation automatically send emails to your subscribers, it also helps you narrow and expand your contact list as needed, sending only to the people who want to see them in their inbox. 2. Social Media Posting: If you want to increase your presence on social media. You need to post content frequently. Manual publishing is time-consuming and labor-intensive.


You can use social media planning tools to push the content that needs to be published to social media channels. This way, you have more time to focus on your content strategy. 3. Potential customer cultivation: Nurturing potential customers into customers is a long process. There are settings to automate the process, such as downloading e-books and sending leads specific content for nurturing. Email Marketing Emails are often used to promote content, share discounts, promote events, and drive traffic to official websites. Common email types include: 1. Blog subscription and newsletter; 2. Follow-up emails for return visits; 3. Customer welcome email; 4.Member promotions and holiday promotions; 5. Reminder emails (cultivating customers).

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Online PR

Online PR is through digital publications,  blogs and other online  AQB Directory reporting. Using some online channels can help you make full use of PR: 1. Connect with journalists through social media: You can communicate with reporters on Twitter, establish connections with the press, and gain media exposure for your brand. 2. Maintain brand public opinion: When someone comments on your brand online, you can participate in the comment reply, which can make the brand more humane and maintain brand reputation. 3. Post comments on websites and blogs: Just like maintaining brand public opinion, responding to people who read your content is an effective way to gain users’ favor. Sponsored content Sponsored content is a way to promote your brand or services by paying another company to talk about your brand or services in some way.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)


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