Disputes often arise between marketers and sales specialists when explaining the term “lead”. So, for sales How to managers, leads are users who have provided the business with their contact information by completing a target action (call, application, registration, filling out a form, etc.). In marketing, a lead is a person who has shown interest in a company. And not necessarily obvious. This can be either a subscription to the newsletter, a comment, or just a like on a social network, that is, any interaction with the brand. Lead generation in How to marketing is the process of attracting potential customers (leads).

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Will not necessarily become a real one, because he only became interested in the product, but did not place an order. Whether he will carry out the conversion or not depends on the further work of the marketer and sales manager. Marketing leads Cell Phone Number List can include offline as well as online activities. For example, filling out a form at an event, a personal meeting with a company representative, or even a regular visit to a store. Lead generation in marketing What types of leads are there? Leads are divided into several groups based on two factors: the degree of interest and the source of user attraction.

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According to it, leads are: Cold – a potential buyer has a low level of loyalty and is just getting acquainted with the brand. He is not yet ready to purchase, but has AQB Directory already completed a certain targeted action, for example, subscribed to news or other free content. Warm – the user is interested in the product, but has not made a final decision. For example, warm leads can research and compare a desired product from two or three companies. And here it is important to convey the advantages of purchasing from your company. Hot ones – “without five minutes” a real client. Then it’s a matter of good service. 

How to attract potential clients


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