Protecting your website is a priority. In this article, we explore the dangers that administrators face, the best solutions to avoid cyberattacks , and some of the most recommended security plugins for wordpress. Therefore, Keep your site safe and secure with this guide! What should you protect your website from? Let’s start with the most basic. What dangers does your portal face? There are various types of malicious attacks related to hosting, system intrusion, and social engineering. This is a list of the dangers that could jeopardize the computer security of your platform: code injection . It consists of introducing malicious code into the input fields of a page, such as forms or url parameters. If the attacker succeeds in executing it, they will be able to access or control critical resources. Brute force attacks.

They consist of discovering passwords

Therefore, Access codes through repeated testing of different combinations until the correct one is found. Denial of service or ddos attack . In such an attack, a computer network is used to send a large amount of traffic to a page. As a result, overload is caused and the server becomes inaccessible to legitimate users. Web defacement . This is one of the least known cyber attacks. We are New Zealand Phone Number Data about the unauthorized modification of the content of a page, generally changing its appearance or publishing unwanted messages. Therefore, This can affect the reputation of the page and cause loss of trust on the part of users. Phishing . It involves the use of social engineering and fake emails, text messages, or websites that impersonate legitimate entities. The goal is to deceive users and obtain confidential information, such as passwords, banking details or personal data.

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Let’s get to know some of them

Use strong passwords it is the first step to avoid problems. We mean designing strong and unique passwords for access. Therefore, the administration panel. A strong password stands out for being long enough and including a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. On the contrary, avoid obvious or easy-to-guess passwords. Keep software updated updates serve to improve the security of the software . Because of this, regularly deploy new versions to all Armenia Phone Number List components used on your website, including the server, applications such as wordpress, and plugins. It is one of the simplest ways to prevent malicious attacks. Therefore, Make regular backups with backups you always have control of your website files and database. This will allow you to restore the entire infrastructure in the event of a successful attack or data loss. Make sure you store backups in a safe place and off the main server. Therefore, Add additional layers of security what does it mean to add additional layers of security.

How to protect your website from malicious attacks


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