Qin Yan As one of the most important mathematicians in the world, Gauss is known as the “Prince of Mathematics”. There are 110 achievements named after him “Gauss”, which is the most among mathematicians; as a tribute Gaussian, following the “Prince of Mathematics”‘s contribution to the development and progress of human society, Huawei named the world’s first artificial intelligence native (AI-Native) database it developed “GaussDB”. This is undoubtedly a big event in the database field. As we all 

officially releases distributed graph database Nebula Graph version

Vesoft, a leading graph database research and development company, today officially Canada Whatsapp Data released the distributed graph database Nebula Graph version 2.0, which greatly improves query performance and operation and maintenance convenience. At the same time, the system stability and openness of the previous version are continued. NebulaGraph is the only graph database solution in the world that can accommodate hundreds of billions of vertices and trillions of edges and provides millisecond-level query latency. Large Internet companies including Tencent, Meituan, JD Digits

Inspur Yunxi Database 2.5 officially released

Inspur Yunxi Database 2.5 was officially released.  AQB Directory Inspur Yunxi Database 2.5 adheres to the value proposition of “independent research and development of domestic distributed databases to support national strategies” and has improved performance in the three core functions of “distribution, HTAP, and compatibility”. Among them, Yunxi Database 2.5 has developed significantly in the private cloud and public cloud fields. It can realize multi-level fine-grained partitioning and better support micro-services on the cloud; it supports multi-center deployment models such as three centers in two places and five centers in three places. , based on multi-copy storage, further realizes cross  Being able to grasp every customer of one’s own is the happiest thing for a marketer. Ji Yi is such a happy person. As the marketing director of Bertelsmann Direct Group, he can not only grasp every customer, but also know whether he is doing the right thing in every step. In his words: “Know the effect of every penny spent.” Bertelsmann Direct Group from Germany, currently the most important business branch in the Chinese market, is a book club operating on a membership model , accounting for more than 80% of its

Redefining data infrastructure and Huawei’s AI strategy takes another step forward


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