It will not be displayed in search results if it is not indexed correctly) ■SEO tool that automatically extracts SEO issues and supports higher rankings Points to note/risks regarding external measures However, simply having a large number of backlinks does not necessarily mean that your website will be highly rated by search engines and ranked high. When implementing external measures, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points. It is meaningless unless you have “high-quality content” and “high-quality backlinks” Search engine algorithms aim to rank the pages that have the highest value for users searching for that keyword, so having high-quality content on your site is a prerequisite.

How many backlinks you have and are discover by crawlers

If your content is of poor quality, there is a high possibility that it will be negatively affected. Generally, there is a high degree of relevance Spain WhatsApp Number Data between the content on the linked page and the target keyword, and the more the link includes the keyword in the anchor text, the higher the evaluation will be. The following are other factors that will improve your link rating. ・The page rank of the backlink source is high. ・The backlink source site has few outgoing links. ・The outgoing link comes from a page where link power can be transferred easily.

There are valid backlinks and invalid backlinks

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There are two types of backlinks: valid backlinks and invalid backlinks. Be careful as invalid backlinks will block crawlers and go Oman Phone Number List undetect. If a link sent from an external source is give the rel attribute of any of the following. HTML elements, the effect of backlinks may be nullifile. rel=”nofollow” rel=”sponsor” rel=”ugc”. There are backlinks that are subject to penalties. Since Google’s update in 2012. Sites with “low-quality backlinks” have been penalize and can lower in ranking. If you have certain patterns like those introduced below. You may  subject to some kind of negative evaluation or ranking penalty from Google.

Registering site information in a database


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