Eforts by leveraging visual content like blog images, charts, tables, etc. Creating unique visual content can attract more users, effectively illustrate the points made in your content, and help strengthen your company’s brand image and identity. 2. Be transparent about your business Another way to develop a creative SEO strategy is to be transparent about different aspects of your business to inspire new and relevant content for users. For example, write blog posts or articles about the inner workings of your company or make certain company documents available as open sources of information, such as company or employee handbooks.

Buffer offers full transparency on its social media analytics business

going so far as to provide information on the company’s financial updates. Buffer Transparency Dashboard Another idea for getting creative with SEO is Russia Telegram Number Data to turn customer questions and support tickets into public help documents. Whether you turn them into robust articles or simple blog posts, you can capitalize on the fact that other people are likely asking these questions and start funneling that traffic to your site. 3. Use coding to create tools Tech-savvy businesses can develop creative SEO strategies using coding to turn internal tools into free public tools to benefit customers and site visitors.

These tools can be cost calculators or custom widgets

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That help users navigate your site. In its transparency dashboard, Buffer incorporates this innovative SEO strategy by offering a nifty widget that calculates Austria WhatsApp Number List salaries based on title and location. Interactive calculator on Buffer Either way, use your coding skills to optimize your website in a way that adds value to your customers while benefiting your business by acting as creative content for SEO. 4. Improve your PR strategy Did you know you can use PR to boost your SEO? It’s true ! Launching a PR campaign for your business is a great way to generate buzz and excitement around your business, while also creating opportunities for social media and newspaper mentions.

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