Working on search engine positioning is key to increasing traffic to a website and increasing its profitability. This is a pending task for many smes, who launch their website with the hope of satisfactory results, but do not invest too much effort in it. Is it really that difficult to gain a foothold in search engines? Keep reading to discover that it’s easier than you think. This is a complete guide in which we give you the best advice to improve the search engine positioning of your website. We are going to analyze one by one the most effective actions to strengthen the presence in search engines and some tips to generate optimized content . You will find everything you need to know about basic seo here. Let’s go there! 7 tricks to improve search engine positioning below, we show you in detail some ways to improve your presence in search engines and position a website ahead of the competition.

The link building strategy let’s start

With one of the most popular seo strategies . We are referring to link building , or what is the same, getting other sites to point to your website. How can you take advantage of this technique? Here are some ideas: get links from authoritative sites . For google, some pages are more Switzerland WhatsApp Number List important than others. For example, a news website that has been active for 20 years has more authority than a recently opened blog. Try to have some significant site point to your page. Look for naturalness . It is crucial that cross-links are natural. Ideally, links should be inserted into articles or pages related to your website. Write for other websites and allow others to write for yours. This type of agreement allows you to share knowledge and generate quality links between two pages. Take care of the user experience user experience is increasingly important for search engines.

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Google and the rest look for excellence

Therefore, are not willing to link to pages that do not meet minimum standards. If your page design is outdated or not adapted to new trends, it will probably become irrelevant and lose web positioning. Regarding this, it is good that you ask yourself the following: is my page mobile friendly? Does Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List the content take too long to load? Do I use annoying elements, such as pop-ups? When someone accesses my page, do they find a coherent and well-designed interface? It is possible that your website has been active for many years and, during that period, has never been updated. Although age is a factor that search engines take into account, when the experience offered is poor, the website stops being attractive. Quality content creations if we talk about publishing content, there are usually two situations that must be overcome. On the one hand, many companies do not upload anything to their pages.

Search engine positioning how to improve it


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