As the number of smartphone users increases, the number of accesses via search engines from smartphones is also increasing. That’s why we are concerned about SEO measures to display smartphone sites higher in the rankings . This time, we will introduce the measures you need to take to rank your smartphone site higher. <Characters> O-kun O-kun New web marketer. As soon as I joined the company, I started studying web marketing, mainly SEO, and content marketing in order to get the best results.

What is required for SEO measures for smartphone sites

Even if you want to display a smartphone site at the top, it is basically the same as PC SEO . However, there are also algorithms that apply only to smartphone Australia Telegram Number Data sites. That’s a mobile friendly algorithm. What is mobile friendly algorithm? An algorithm that applies only to mobile search, introduced to improve the search experience for mobile users. Relatively improve the evaluation of mobile-friendly sites based on the guidelines set by Google.


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Official blog for Google webmasters: Make search results more mobile-friendly ・Official blog for Google webmasters: Starting mobile-friendly update Related Russia Phone Number List article SEO [Breaking news] Impact of mobile friendly update and important Goo… Promonitor Editorial Department 2017/06/01 comment_photo Pages that meet Google’s mobile-friendly guidelines will be labeled as “mobile friendly” in search results. Smartphone compatible label example comment photo There are two ways to check your website’s mobile-friendly rating.

SEO for smartphone sites Mobile friendly test and how to deal


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