Few are currently deploying. A few examples: Recently, restaurant holding group Chanticleer (franchises include Little Big Burger. American Burger Co., Hooters, Just Fresh, and BGR) announced its intent to use a blockchain-based loyalty coin for rewards across its dining brands. Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten just announced a token at Mobile World Congress called Rakuten Coin aimed at deriving additional loyalty from customers, Singapore airlines announced a blockchain based loyalty wallet across retail partners for frequent flyer loyalty wallets.

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Announced partnership with qiibee for loyalty cryptocurrency across locations in Switzerland. Germany, Russia, Austria, and Benelux. A tea company rebranded to Long Blockchain Company. And their stock price tripled, In 2016, China Unionpay (CU). The third-largest payment network by value of transactions processed. Behind Visa New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data and Mastercard. Recently announced a blockchain PoC project in collaboration with IBM to develop a loyalty bonus points exchange for its 200+ members across 150 countries. Snipps (digital marketing promotions provider) recently partnered with LoyalCoi,n Elements’ ELM.

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Token cryptocurrency

Miners can earn ELM for “proof of work” processing. These universal tokens can be used for shopping. Airlines, movies, etc. Russian Burger King’s WhopperCoin announced their program Business Opportunities. While private Colombia WhatsApp Number List blockchains and branded cryptos are nascent. Bleeding edge technologies with limitations, we have to ask: Why is this a budding trend? We see many potential business opportunities including: Fraud reduction: Blockchain reduces loyalty fraud, as members in the network have key information shared in the distributed ledger a core feature of blockchain.

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