Even though social media technically began over 30 years ago, brands have only recently started using it as a marketing tool. Multiplatform is the key to company recognition, so a modern brand must actively develop its social networks. Here are a few arguments in favor of this: Instagram is an excellent platform for e-commerce: more than 25 million companies use this social network to promote their services and products. Specifically, about 90% of active users follow at least one brand on Instagram. Don’t write off Facebook either , because it provides 71.64% of web traffic coming from social networks. Below we will share general tips for designing pages for business accounts, and also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.

Twitter comes in second with just 9.02%

Thus, this social network is best for driving traffic to your blog, website or online store. The relatively new social network TikTok is actively used by more than 5 million companies. TikTok ads can direct users to your website, marketplace app, or other Buy Bulk SMS Service social networks. Brands can also create branded filters and stickers that users can add to their videos. YouTube has approximately 122 million daily active users around the world. Specifically, 18% of people use the platform to follow their favorite brands and companies. So, if your brand has not yet joined one of these social networks, then we recommend doing so as soon as possible.

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The popularity of social networks after a year of full-scale war. Where does the Ukrainian audience live today? General tips for branding social media pages Thanks to a brand’s presence on social networks, you can not only establish a connection with your AQB Directory target audience, but also find new potential customers. People will learn about you faster and also trust the product more. However, maintaining a brand page on social networks is a matter that requires a balanced approach. By comparison, Below we share tips to help your business account become a powerful marketing tool. 

Guide to creating accounts on social networks


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