Winners of the elite Environment and Energy Leader Awards program, now it in its eighth year, are selected from across a variety of industries based on their success in providing significant sustainability and energy management results. With the 2020 submission deadline looming, we’re revisiting some of . Top Product of the Year Award and. Top Project of the Year Award winners in case you missed them the first time around. Prizes for winners include promotion across a wide audience of environment and energy management professionals. Glowing quotes from unbiased judges across the industry to use in marketing materials air time during an exclusive webinar, and more.

Now, check out Environment and Energy

Leader Awards winners Avetta and Lafarge Holcim. Here’s what the judges had to say about the companies’ project. “Standardizing Supplier Evaluation and Ensuring Sustainability in Brazil”: What the judges said… “A new way to optimize and standardize supplier evaluation for operational efficiencies — and a useful way to address gaps in supply chain Belgium Phone Number Data ESG knowledge throughout the industry.” About the project: Swiss multinational LafargeHolcim manufactures building materials and sets sustainability, quality, and EHS goals for global operations. These goals include a “zero harm to people” principle prioritizing health and safety, and the development of sustainable products to help customers increase materials recycling and improve the energy efficiency of their buildings.

The company selected Avetta to help with supply

Chain management there. Avetta provides SaaS-based solutions for supply chain risk management with the prequalification of contractors and suppliers. Before forming a partnership with Avetta, LafargeHolcim had been conducting supplier China Phone Number List evaluation through e-mails and spreadsheets. Avetta’s SaaS system offered a simple, objective way to measure a supplier’s record on social responsibility, human rights issues like bribery, corruption, and child labor, and other sustainability issues. Both companies worked to create a process for prequalifying suppliers that were focused on achieving LafargeHolcim’s sustainable goals. They configured the Avetta platform to match these requirements and standardize the supplier evaluation process specifically for Brazil.

Spotlight on Award Winners: Avetta and LafargeHolcim


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