Store information that  As you can see, it is important to consider how the keywords you want to rank for are considere by search engines. Three aspects that affect the ranking of a single keyword. Base on the above, in order to rank high, it is necessary to be evaluate by search engines such as Google using a single keyword. The evaluation will be considere from three perspectives. ① Content evaluation ② External link evaluation ③ Coding according to Google guidelines Search engines evaluate these aspects multiplicatively. There may be restrictions depending on the site, but you need to outperform your competition with an overall evaluation of three elements. Now let’s take a closer look at each element.

Content evaluation Since search engines rank sites

That provide useful information to users, the most important factor is whether the content matches the user’s needs. In addition, it is difficult to rank high Belgium WhatsApp Number Data even if you create content base on a single keyword, so it is necessary to evaluate both the ” target page” and “the entire site.” For example, taking the keyword “sewing” mentione earlier as an example, in order to rank high for the single keyword “sewing”, you need to create a page that responds to the needs of “I want to know basic sewing techniques and necessary tools.” mustcreate. However, in order to meet these needs, there are various elements such as “sewing types” and “sewing tools”, so in order to rank high for “sewing”, it is necessary to have multiple related articles on the site.

The need to ensure both the quantity and quality

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The comprehensiveness of the theme is why it is not easy to rank high for a single keyword. What is necessary for target page evaluation. In order for a target  Hong Kong Phone Number List page to be ranked higher. It must  superior to the competing pages that are rank higher in the following areas. ・Include the minimum number of headlines own by competitors’ top-rank pages and cover relate keywords. ・Increase the amount of information compare to the competition in accordance with the above. ・Include keywords in the headings and design them so that the content can  easily convey.

Store information that is currently available may be display


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