Strength of the URL  Ahrefs original index ranging from 1 to 100, the higher the value, the higher the external evaluation “Anchor and backlink”…The anchor text of the link and which page the link is attached to “First seen”: Date when ahrefs first found the link “Last check”…Date when ahrefs last checked the link It may be a bit complicated with lots of horizontal characters, but if you remember that it’s a place where you can see what links are coming from which pages, you won’t have any problems. By the way, if you use it a little more, you can sort the target site’s First See in chronological order to analyze its link building strategy to see where that site used to get links, or sort the URs in ascending order to find out what competing sites are like.

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your website may also have a chance to get those links! Linking domain You can check what kind of sites you are getting links from. The big difference from Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data the “backlinks” mentioned earlier is that you can investigate how many links a single site has acquir. For example, if you use ProMonista. It seems that you are getting links from the Home Appliances Conference. but as shown below, you can see which pages of the. Home Appliances Conference you are getting links from. Ahrefs linking domain If you can make good use of this. you can use it to investigate. trends in what domains your competitors are getting links from. and you can also get an idea of ​​what kind of articles you can expect to get links from.

The third method we will introduce is anchor text analysis

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You can make a list of what kind of anchor text the site you are researching uses to receive links. In addition. By typing a keyword into the search window at the Nigeria Phone Number List top right .You can narrow down your search to anchor text that includes the spe. which can be use for competitive comparisons. For example, the following is the result of searching for “content marketing” when researching on Promonista. Ahrefs anchor text analysis v1. On the other hand, below is the same data from Content Marketing Lab which ranks first in Content Marketing. Ahrefs anchor text analysis v2 I think there is an item call”phrase” in the upper left. But “Content Marketing Lab ( is getting links for various phrases including “content marketing”.

Strength of the URL listed on the Referring page


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