Animation Desk has nurtured students’ creativity for years. Becoming a beloved and indispensable software for education programs. Its simple, yet comprehensive features allows for it to function. As an art learning tool that brings students’ unique stories and imaginations to life. Through animation, students can develop story-telling, problem-solving, and collaboration skills, while fostering a passion for artistic expression. The Animation Desk Team is excited to speak with teachers from the Cone jo. Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) who currently use Animation Desk in their animation programs. We’re impressed by the students’ lovely work and engagement in the creative process. We interviewed technology integration specialists. Tammy Farhit and Haley Walker from the Conejo Valley Unified School District.

Animation Brings Joy and Sense

Their organization has been supporting K-12 students and teachers in integrating technology into their classrooms. Read on to find out more about how Animation Desk has helped CVUSD teachers in their classroom. We are Tammy Farhit and Haley Walker from Conejo Valley Unified School District. We are Technology Integration Teachers on Job Function Email Database Special Assignment (TOSAs). Our mission is to support TK-12 grade students and teachers with technology integration in their classrooms. We not only support the integration of our district adopted curriculum. But we also bring in our own expertise as it relates to technology use in the classroom. Integration of the Arts is interrelated into our standards and curriculum to ensure equity and accessibility for all students. Animation allows our students to express themselves in creative ways to demonstrate their understanding of core concepts in their classrooms.

What Is the Importance of Art and Animation

When we first bring animation into a classroom. We talk about what animation is, examples of animation students have seen in their lives, and walk students through an intro lesson where we animate a bouncing ball. From there, we dig deeper into the animation desk features to teach students. How to expand their animation experience. We make sure important vocabulary such as frames, layers. Timeline, onion skin, is showcased and AQB Directory reiterated throughout our lessons. We have found Animation Desk appropriate for grades 2-12. We have had students animate a bouncing ball, a rainbow, leprechaun with a pot of gold, raining hearts, roller coasters. And our social studies classes are currently working on animating a location around the world.

Students Express Their Voices through Animation Desk


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