Summary of the impact  Since yesterday doesn’t seem to have made any major changes yet. But if you’re a site operator, you can’t help but pay attention. In this article, we will introduce how to understand the impact of currently confirme mobile-friendly updates and the announcements made by Google employees. table of contents 1How to understand mobile search engine trends 2About the impact of mobile-friendly updates 3Smartphone user trends Four. Contents of Google employee announcements regarding mobile-friendly updates so far FiveHow to get rankings on PC and mobile in the future 6summary How to understand mobile search engine trends.

The Google search ranking change detection service provide

Useful for understanding ranking changes. If you run a website, many of you probably know this. From April 21st, mobile search is also supported . You can Hong Kong Telegram Number Data see how mobile search engines are changing.Mobile search ranking changes How to understand mobile search engine trends About the impact of mobile-friendly updates Yesterday. April 21, 2015, was the first day of implementation of the mobile friendly algorithm. (To be precise, there is a 16-hour time difference from where Google’s headquarters are located, so it will start around today. The 22nd, Japan time.) According to, major changes have already occurred * It seems that.

When the article was uploaded there was a big change

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But now it has changed to “stable”. Mobile search ranking change detection has just been relebest to use it as a reference value for a while. However, there Switzerland Phone Number List has not much change so far on our own sites and those of our clients. Reflection requires re-crawling and re-indexing. And it is said that it will take several hours to several months for the changes to take effect. So there may not many people who are feeling the impact yet. There is a possibility that the area of ​​influence will further expand within a few days, so don’t let your guard down.


Summary of the impact of mobile-friendly updates


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